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    Deona Morton

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    Women today face no shortage of challenges 

    Can you feel the unrealistic expectations that are piling up? Are you feeling both anxious and depressed? Between the outside world putting pressure on you and the fact the more women than ever are working and managing life at home; it’s no wonder women are more stressed, overwhelmed, and tired. It seems that more responsibilities and expectations come without giving up anything you are already doing. 

    I want to help you create the balance and find the joy in life that you deserve to feel

    All of the pressure that comes with being a women can make life harder than it should be but what if you could learn new ways to not only cope but flourish? Imagine if you were able to go about your day feeling energized and excited about the future. I specialize in working with women’s issues that include those that have suffered trauma, anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. You will get to a place where you feel empowered, balanced, and able to nourish yourself. Not only will you be at your best but your relationships will to thrive and grow. 

    Therapy with me is about feeling welcome, accepted, and seen.

    My clients experience a deeper sense of safety, security and confidence in themselves. As a result they see a decrease in their anxiety, depression, or worry by learning to recognize and be with underlying feelings in a way is relieving and leads to positive feeling states of connection, calm, clarity, aliveness, and wholeness.  I am particularly sensitive to issues unique to women and those arising from culture or faith. I am able to engage clients in exploration of issues and concerns related to identity in a non-judgmental and open way.

    My certifications:

    Certifed Clinical Trauma Professional
    Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment

    You are in good hands and I look forward to starting the road to healing.


    PhD, Human Services, Specialization in Counseling Studies