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    Zohaa Awan

    My name is Zohaa Awan and I will help you get scheduled and answer all your questions so you are comfortable with getting started with Therapy.

    I graduated from UMBC with a BS in Psychology. My undergraduate career consisted of participating in psychological research, as well as making my way up to becoming the president of UMBC’s Psychology Honor Society. I have had about a year’s worth of experience working as a behavior therapist for kids with autism. While working in this field, I came to realize that I was interested in working with a wider range of populations and mental health concerns that extend beyond autism. Hence, I decided to begin my graduate-level education by starting my Master’s in Clinical Psychology through Capella University. In my South Asian culture, mental health topics are still considered taboo, which is why I want to be a part of the change that negates this stigma; I hope that I can help adolescents and young adults from my culture in ways I wish I could have been supported. 

    After I receive my Master’s, I plan to also get my PsyD to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a clinical psychologist. When I am not studying or working to achieve my career goals, I enjoy traveling, photography, and trying out different iced lattes from various cafes. Along with the perks of serving as a multiculturally competent clinical psychologist for those in need, I would also no longer feel guilty for ordering my Starbucks drink every week.