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Quarantine Life – Pregnant without a due date


In my blog “The 5 Most Frustrating Lessons in Life”, I wrote about the fact that we have limited time. With the recent COVID-19 events, it may feel like time has taken on a different meaning. Some of us may find ourselves wishing this quarantined time away, and others may relish the pause in obligations. To me, this current situation feels like being pregnant without a due date. CONGRATS YOU ARE PREGNANT BUT IT COULD LAST YEARS! Think about it. If a doctor said to you… “Congrats, you are pregnant but we have no idea when you will have this baby. [...]

Quarantine Life – Pregnant without a due date2020-04-04T15:59:15-04:00

Getting Stronger in Different Ways – COVID-19


COVID-19 has caused all of us some sort of disruption in how we live our lives. Tap, tap, is this microphone on? “We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming to Bring You This Breaking News…” Seemingly overnight, things changed (at least this is what it felt like!) when the threat of COVID-19 became reality. Now, I can’t concentrate or get my anxiety to SHUT OFF! My mind simply can’t focus and anxiety is flooding my body and brain. We all have some level of anxiety, especially in the mist of these challenging times. During a pandemic, staying positive feels like you are [...]

Getting Stronger in Different Ways – COVID-192020-03-22T19:35:15-04:00

Stop chasing the Leprechaun!


Stop chasing the Leprechaun!   According to fables, Leprechauns are tiny creatures that take the form of an old man in a green coat who are shoemakers by trade. They are known to be impish and sneaky. They store their gold coins in a pot of gold that is hidden at the end of a rainbow. These quick-witted, highly intelligent wee folks will do anything to evade capture. If you capture a Leprechaun, he will give you three wishes or lead you to the end of the rainbow (provided you release him afterwards)!  Chasing the Leprechaun = never being happy with what [...]

Stop chasing the Leprechaun!2020-03-17T14:16:03-04:00

The Waves of Change


“You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” ― Jon Kabat-Zinn In my blog "The 5 most frustrating lessons in life" I talked about how frustrating it can be to feel powerless to change something. The war we wage against change can be draining; therefore, being able to accept or even welcome change could lead to a freedom that makes you feel more at peace. Afterall, the truth is bad stuff will happen from time to time. Spending your life trying to control what you can’t (like willing the person in front of you to go faster in [...]

The Waves of Change2020-03-07T11:56:27-05:00

What brave decision will you make today?


One of the bravest decisions we can make is showing up. This could mean showing up in our own lives, not wishing it away. Your day may contain struggles and mundane tasks but are you missing the beauty in the ordinary moments? The smile on a friend's face? The joy of surprise when things turn out unexpectedly?  Could it be that you are focused more on controlling outcomes rather than enjoying the journey? Your decision to show up for life instead of simply getting through life can bring you more robust meaning and open your heart to true happiness. This task [...]

What brave decision will you make today?2020-02-13T08:36:45-05:00

Today I have a choice


Thought of the week: Today I have a choice It’s a great morning. Everyday I get new choices. I have the choice to do things differently and make this day more vibrant than yesterday. I am given an opportunity to take my life in a new direction. What happens to me in the outside world is not my focus, my focus is on the moment I am in now. Today is a new day to appreciate all the beautiful things around me. I may choose to listen to music, watching the sunrise, hug my kids close, or enjoying a delicious breakfast. [...]

Today I have a choice2020-01-24T10:06:53-05:00

Pass the positive vibes please!


Thought of the week: Pass the positive vibes please! We have all been at a dinner table where someone asks “please pass the salt.” Typically there is nothing notable about the actions you take when you pass the salt. You are simply going through the motions. What if you were more intentional with how you “pass the salt” by adding an extra dose of positivity to it? Maybe you pass it with a smile or a compliment, which turns an ordinary moment into something meaningful to the receiver. I had an uplifting encounter this morning while doing my weekly routine. I [...]

Pass the positive vibes please!2020-01-15T21:47:23-05:00

The 5 Most Frustrating Lessons in Life


Life can be frustrating! Where do you get most frustrated? Comment below! In this blog, I highlight some of the most frustrating things that people deal with. Come back for my upcoming blogs that address what you can do about each problem.  You Can't Control Others Let’s face it, sometimes people are just plain disappointing. Friends cancel arrangements at the last minute or family members are critical because they are stuck in their own point of view. As a result of people's behaviors, you feel frustrated, let down, or rejected. As much as we try, we cannot control how others behave. [...]

The 5 Most Frustrating Lessons in Life2019-12-12T08:10:45-05:00
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