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Do More Happy Dances


Thought of the week: Do more happy dances My kids are participating in “the great kindness challenge” at school this week. This entails choosing kindness acts to perform during the week from a provided list. I love this challenge but it got me wondering… Why don’t we have a dedicated class in school that teaches us to show compassion to ourselves and others? The school counselors do a wonderful job of coming in to teach lessons but could this be a daily practice in schools? After reading the kindness act suggestion list, my favorite was “to entertain someone with a happy [...]

Do More Happy Dances2020-01-30T10:01:39-05:00

Pass the positive vibes please!


Thought of the week: Pass the positive vibes please! We have all been at a dinner table where someone asks “please pass the salt.” Typically there is nothing notable about the actions you take when you pass the salt. You are simply going through the motions. What if you were more intentional with how you “pass the salt” by adding an extra dose of positivity to it? Maybe you pass it with a smile or a compliment, which turns an ordinary moment into something meaningful to the receiver. I had an uplifting encounter this morning while doing my weekly routine. I [...]

Pass the positive vibes please!2020-01-15T21:47:23-05:00
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