Thought of the week: Do more happy dances

My kids are participating in “the great kindness challenge” at school this week. This entails choosing kindness acts to perform during the week from a provided list. I love this challenge but it got me wondering… Why don’t we have a dedicated class in school that teaches us to show compassion to ourselves and others? The school counselors do a wonderful job of coming in to teach lessons but could this be a daily practice in schools?

After reading the kindness act suggestion list, my favorite was “to entertain someone with a happy dance”. Music has always had the power to change my mood. I decided to participate in this challenge with my kids! The next thing you know I am shouting across the room “Hey Alexia, play my favorite songs!” I start to entertain my kids with a “happy dance.” We all laughed because they are still young enough to not find me utterly embarrassing That small act set the day off to a great start. 

I applaud the school for participating in this challenge because every little bit helps to connect to others and spread kindness. We have so much divide out in the world. What would it be like to be curious about someone that is different from you instead of deciding they are not worth the effort? What would the world be like if we stopped dividing ourselves into ‘this group” or “that group”? Looking for the things that connect us instead of divide us can help spread positive emotions. What feels better anger or love? 

Bottom line: I am committed to doing more happy dances. 

I challenge you to pass the fun and entertain someone with your best happy dance.