Stop chasing the Leprechaun!  

According to fables, Leprechauns are tiny creatures that take the form of an old man in a green coat who are shoemakers by trade. They are known to be impish and sneaky. They store their gold coins in a pot of gold that is hidden at the end of a rainbow. These quick-witted, highly intelligent wee folks will do anything to evade capture. If you capture a Leprechaun, he will give you three wishes or lead you to the end of the rainbow (provided you release him afterwards)! 

Chasing the Leprechaun = never being happy with what you have

Do you spend your days chasing leprechauns? Do you consistently want MORE in life then you are getting? Can you feel inadequacy starting to creep into your everyday life? If so, you are not alone. It may seem like everyone else has more joy and abundance. When looking at other’s lives you may ask, how did they catch the Leprechaun when I can barely find the time to set the traps up?

Like a tricky Leprechaun, we fool ourselves into thinking we will be happy when we get to a certain job, house size, or status. Therefore we run around nonsensically chasing a Leprechaun or goal that is merely a myth of happiness. Never being content with what we have or not appreciating the beauty of life’s journey can be a senseless way to live. Could it be we forgot to take the time to observe the breathtaking rarity of the rainbow?

Setting Leprechaun traps = thinking we will be happy only if we get to our goals

When we put effort into setting Leprechaun traps in order to catch the mischievous little creature, we can get caught up in the anxiety of future events instead of being present. We get caught up in wanting MORE not seeing what we have. Could we be chasing the wrong thing? Even if we did get to the pot of gold, would that truly make us happy? Wouldn’t we eventually feel like we needed something else? True happiness is a state of mind, not a destination. 

Let’s say we are lucky enough to catch a Leprechaun and are granted three wishes, will we know what to wish for? What makes our heart sing? Be careful; making the wrong wish could result in regret and disappointment. What we thought was a pot of gold could turn out to be a heavy weight. 

Do we ignore the beauty of the rainbow to chase down the legendary pot of gold? 

The fact that a rainbow doesn’t have a fixed spot or a real end is a sign that the fable of the Leprechaun is a hoax, for there is no true end to a rainbow. What if instead we stopped to admire the things around us. Maybe we would look over and notice that the Leprechaun is sitting next to us doing the same thing. In fact we didn’t have to run around trying to catch him once we settled into the present moment. The Leprechaun came to us. 

So take a moment the next time you see a rainbow to marvel in its beauty. Smell the air around you, smile at the person next to you, and let your heart feel love. This is what is beautiful in life, this is the moment you have, there is nothing else.

Enjoying the beauty of the rainbow = cultivating joy from the present moment… But how?

Learn to appreciate a few moments of silence every day. This could be as simple as, getting up a little earlier to take a walk, enjoy your garden, or meditate.

Invest some time into being truly present in your own life. Practice concentrating on one thing at a time. For example, if you are eating lunch then taste every bite, chew up your current bite before taking the next one, truly enjoy the experience.

Start a journal and write down what you want to accomplish, with a road map for how to get there. Write about the joy in each step you take towards the goal. This can help you focus on the journey not the end result! 

Stay away from people that are a source of negativity. This could mean taking a break from friends or family that bring you down. Take note of when you are feeling negativity, envy, jealousy, fear, or anger.  Instead, lean into love and gratitude.

Be grateful for what you have. Before bed each night, write down things you are grateful for.   Go a step further and write a letter to friends saying why you are grateful for them. Maybe they are struggling also. Hearing something like this from you could make a difference in their lives.

Create a self-care plan, including one small activity that you enjoy doing each day. It could be something as simple as listening to music or reading a book for the fun of it. You could plan one or two bigger events each month that might include things such as a yoga class or coffee with a good friend.

Nature has a way of calming us. Do you have a local park close to you? Take a walk in a local park or find a way to be outside with your kids or a friend. You will get moving while enjoying companionship and nature.