Hello! My name is Rachel Collins and licensed clinical therapist that works with depression, anxiety, couples, families and teenagers.

I am passionate about mental health

The truth is I have never thought of myself as a writer! Words don’t flow out of me as easily as I would like but when I started working in the mental health field, I found a new passion for writing. I love exploring topics and creating analogies to help people understand how people feel or what they struggle with.

I am a fun seeker

I believe we should all be in touch with our values and what make this life of ours worth living. Some of my top values are being authentic, having fun, expressing myself creatively, and travel. To me, exploring is what makes life interesting and that is also why I love to learn! It brings me joy to meet new people, share laughs, and have fun.

Where I work and how to connect with me

Rachel Collins Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/rachelncollins7/

Rachel Collins workplace link https://turningstonecounseling.com/meet-rachel-collins-lgpc/