One of the bravest decisions we can make is showing up.

This could mean showing up in our own lives, not wishing it away. Your day may contain struggles and mundane tasks but are you missing the beauty in the ordinary moments? The smile on a friend’s face? The joy of surprise when things turn out unexpectedly? 

Could it be that you are focused more on controlling outcomes rather than enjoying the journey? Your decision to show up for life instead of simply getting through life can bring you more robust meaning and open your heart to true happiness. This task may seem simple but it’s not easy. 

We naturally say things like “I can’t wait for Friday” or “It will be wonderful when I can retire and start doing what I want.” The paradox is that we are not trapped, we always have a choice to show up and be present. There is no destination, no final place of happiness, things are always changing. It seems we are waiting for something. Something bigger, better, more than what we have. Why is life only good when Friday comes? 

The first brave decision is to ask ourselves is “What makes life worth living?” Instead of trying to get through life by tackling that giant to do list that glares at you each day, realize that you are so much more than the tasks before you. You can have aspirations while being grateful and happy about where you currently are. The two can coexist.

When you climb the big mountain of daily tasks you get stronger by doing them. When you climb up a mountain, you use muscles, you progress, and you build strength. When you do hard things in your life, it is important to stop and take a breath during your journey to see how far you have come. Take time to stop and be present. Just breathe, just be. 

3 steps to making a single brave decision everyday:

  1. Clarify what you want to feel MORE of each day. This could be contentment, pride in your accomplishments (small or big), closeness to loved ones, or something else. 
  2. Make the decision each day to do more things that infuse you with the FEELINGS you want.
  3. Roadblocks can get in your way. Find the right road for you and take it. Your journey won’t look like anyone else’s.

For example, if you want to feel more joy, list all the things (big or small) that bring you joy. Make the decision to cultivate that feeling first thing in the morning. Think of it like drinking infused water, you are adding a little favor to your morning routine, and that sets you up for a great day.

Ideas to infuse JOY into your life:

  • Create an environment that you love. Do fresh flowers bring you joy? Make that brave decision to buy them!
  • Experiment with different morning routines. Why go on autopilot each morning? Try some of these simple pleasure ideas: Simple Pleasures 
  • Be grateful. There is always something to be grateful for. It can always get worse. 
  • Say YES to your time. Is it a brave decision to say NO to someone in order to say YES to yourself? Does freeing up your own time bring you joy?

What brave decision will you make today?