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    Relationship Issues

    “Nobody likes conflict, but sweeping issues under the rug ultimately causes more damage than addressing things directly.” – Unknown

    Do you agree that relationships are hard? Anyone who has entered a relationship for any duration of time would probably say yes. We get into silly arguments, we get irritated by each other’s habits, and we know just which buttons to press. Relationships are often harder than they should be, and the problems that arise can threaten to end many relationships altogether.

    You don’t have to struggle alone anymore. We provide couples counseling or individual counseling to those who are struggling in a relationship. Sometimes just changing the way you interact in the relationship changes everything. Learn to set stronger boundaries, increase intimacy, ask for what you need, and understand your feelings.

    Maybe you’ve considered counseling many times, but you just haven’t scheduled an appointment. Now is the time. You can build a happier, healthier, stronger relationships today with the support of counseling.

    Stride Forward Counseling offers therapy services in Catonsville, MD to help individuals with relationship issues. Contact us to learn more and take a positive step towards improving your relationships.