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    Lindsey Montano

    Psychotherapist LGPC – Maryland & Ohio

    Insurance: Cigna, BCBS 

    Meet Lindsey Montano – Stride Forward Counseling wants to support your mental health. Get started on your journey towards well-being with expert guidance and support.

    Do you feel misunderstood or that you can’t let anyone see who you really are?

    Maybe you can’t understand why your thoughts and feelings are always trying to take you hostage? Locking away who you are has made it difficult to connect with others and left you feeling alone. I love to give people the freedom to embrace and understand their emotions. As your guide, you will begin to drop the fear and exhaustion of trying to keep it all together so perfectly and embrace your own truth. You will begin to accept and love yourself just as you are! 

    My job is to be the calming center while providing you a toolbox of coping mechanisms that will help you for a lifetime. As a therapist, I’ve worked with many kids, teens, and adults struggling with negative patterns, hard life transitions, and grief. My passion is helping youth and adults get to a place where their relationships are thriving and they finally believe in and see the strengths they already possess. I will help support you in this journey to achieving the most fulfillment out of life and seeing how incredible life can be as your best self. 

    At the foundation of my work is the belief that every human being has an innate ability to flourish. I offer acceptance, empathy, and my own authenticity to enable you towards growth and fulfillment. I believe the capacity to build the life you want is already within you. My role as therapist is to help you clear the way. In my approach, I use a variety of modalities including CBT, art, music, play therapy, mindfulness, and DBT. I am always learning new techniques that could benefit my client the most on their journey. I am also an LGBTQIA+ affirming provider.

    Ages I work with: 8 years and above

    Best fits for me are:  ADHD, ODD, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Grief, Highly Sensitive, Perfectionism, Bipolar. and Adjustment or life transitions

    Three words that describe me best: SUPPORTIVE, CHALLENGING, DYNAMIC