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    Cathy Malin

    Psychotherapist LCPC – Maryland

    Insurances: Aetna, Cigna, BCBS & UHC

    Meet Cathy!

    As a therapist, I specialize in helping clients cope with grief, challenging life transitions, stress, and anxiety. Losing a loved one often leaves an ache and void that words struggle to capture. I will be there to listen with care as we give voice to your unspeakable pain – through the tears, anger, and numbness. You need not be alone during this process.

    I also have extensive experience treating anxiety, panic, and worrying. Anxiety and grief frequently intertwine and amplify one another. I will teach you clinically-proven strategies to manage distressing thoughts, tolerate uncertainty, and prevent panic attacks. With compassion to guide us, you’ll find your way through the storm.

    My integrative approach blends multiple therapies to meet your struggles where they are. I’ll help you safely process painful memories and emotions while building insight into why loss often comes in waves. As your caring anchor, we’ll work together to extract meaning from suffering and steadily build your coping skills and resilience.

    Ages: Works with ages 14 and up

    License: LC13067