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    Ashley Chookazian

    Psychotherapist LCSW-C – Maryland 

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    Insurances: BCBS, Aetna, UHC, and Johns Hopkins

    Meet Ashley Chookazian – she specializes in Anxiety, Grief, Trauma, Relationship issues, living with cancer, young adults, life transitions and caregiver stress. Book your appointment now.

    Therapeutic approach

    I believe in working with the whole person and meeting you exactly where you are. While working with me your values, experiences, and all parts of your life are considered giving me the insight to help navigate you in the direction you want to go. Rest assured, you are in the driver’s seat while guiding you to listen to your own voice of self-worth and find your infinite potential. My background includes using attachment theory, somatic therapy, nervous system regulation, grounding work, and narrative therapy helps us align the mind and body into harmony.

    You DO have strengths and being in a state of anxiety can make you feel lost and alone

    Is the anxiety of greater responsibility to make decisions and plan for your future making you feel more stuck? Anxiety issues in young adults can be paralyzing. At this critical stage of life you can be bombarded with the pressure of establishing autonomy while expected to know what to do with your life. Around you, everyone seems to be finding the right relationships, advancing their careers, but you feel lost, unsure of which direction to head. It’s hard to know who you are and where you belong in the world. What would it be like to get up in the morning with a zest for life and confident in the goals that you’re setting? Just imagine a life where you are thriving, joyful, and heading down the right path free from the weight of anxiety. I will get you there.

    Ashley has an extensive background helping with grief and people living with cancer. She can help you live a more rich and fulfilling life.

    Grief or living with cancer can be debilitating. Have you experienced loss of a loved one, or a big change causing stress, anxiety, or depression? Or having you been living with cancer or constant pain that pulls you out of your life? Unresolved or unaddressed grief, sadness, and pain can rob us of the ability to live life fully. Like the feeling of sunshine in the springtime, a good therapeutic bond can bring back delight and joyful anticipation for the future. I can help you find inner peace while you see the beauty that a renewed hope can bring.

    Caregiver Stress can leave you feeling empty

    Are you a caregiver experiencing fatigue? Guilt may crop up when you just want more time for yourself or burnout starts to cause emotional exhaustion. Whether you are caring for a family member, parent, or caring for multiple people at once. During this exhaustion, you might feel like you are becoming removed from your loved one and just going through the motions. Some days it’s an effort to do the simplest tasks, and even a full night of sleep won’t take care of how you feel. Are you ready to let joy into your life again? In therapy we will help make sense of your emotions while lessen fear, guilt, and anxiety. Through this process you will begin to feel relieved, learning how to prevent burnout and communicate better with your loved ones. Most importantly, you will find yourself again in this process with a renewed sense of excitement for living. Together, we will focus on the rewarding journey of feeling better about yourself, your family, and the world around you.

    Reach out today, I would love to help. I am also a LGBTQIA+ affirming provider.


    • License: Maryland / 25808