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    Sai Peterson

    Meet Sai (She/Her)

    Psychotherapist LGPC – Maryland

    Virtual appointments:

    • Monday: 10 AM (biweekly)

    • Tuesday: 9 AM (biweekly), 10 AM

    • Wednesday: 9 AM, 3 PM (biweekly)

    • Thursday: 9 AM, 11 AM, 2 PM

    Insurances: Cigna, BCBS

    Meet Sai

    Hello, I’m Sai, your collaborative guide through life transitions! As you navigate this transformative phase, I provide support in facing challenges related to identity, relationships, education, and self-discovery. 

    It’s okay to feel overwhelmed; I’m here to help you find clarity, build resilience, and navigate the uncertainties of things like big changes or emerging adulthood. 

    Your journey is valid, and seeking guidance is a positive step towards understanding the complexities of this unique phase in life. Let’s work together to make your path clearer and more purposeful.

    I also specialize in areas such as depression, suicidality, life changes, transitions, anxiety, and providing support for international students and individuals with physical disabilities. I offer a safe haven for those navigating this transformative phase.

    Approach to Therapy:

    My therapeutic approach is deeply rooted in collaboration, affirmation, and open-mindedness. Drawing inspiration from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness perspectives, I take a journey with individuals as we explore the meanings they assign to their experiences. Together, we evaluate the accuracy and helpfulness of these interpretations, emphasizing problem-solving to address behaviors while recognizing the interconnected nature of behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. 

    I am also excited to begin offering EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy to their clients. Currently undergoing rigorous training in this powerful evidence-based approach. This therapy has the potential to unlock healing and empowerment for individuals struggling with past trauma, emotional distress, and limiting beliefs.

    While still under training, I can start incorporating EMDR principles into your existing therapeutic toolkit. This includes understanding the core phases of EMDR, practicing various intervention techniques, and utilizing appropriate protocols for diverse client needs.

    Mindfulness as a Tool for Transformation:

    I integrate various mindfulness techniques to help individuals become more aware of their experiences. This heightened awareness serves as a foundation for intentional actions, offering a means to manage negative emotions and cultivate acceptance and self-compassion.

    Dialectics: Balancing Acceptance and Change:

    Grounding my counseling approach in the concept of dialectics, I assist clients in navigating the delicate balance between acceptance and change. This involves integrating seemingly contradicting experiences into a cohesive narrative, fostering personal growth and resilience.

    Embark on your journey through emerging adulthood with me as your guide. I understand the nuances of this transformative phase and am here to provide guidance, support, and a collaborative space for you to navigate the unknown with resilience and purpose.

    Languages I speak:

    English and Thai

    Ages I work with: 

    18 years plus

    Areas I enjoy helping with: Depression, anxiety, Trauma, college students, Emerging adulthood, Adjustments and Life Transitions, Stress Management, Physical Disabilities and disease management, Cultural / Ethnic Issues (particularly Asian/ Asian American, international students), Healthcare Professionals/Therapists, Individuals struggling with suicidality