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    Claire McCubbin

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    Are you feeling like you are not getting what you want out of life or your relationships?

    I invite you to take the time to reflect deeply on what you truly want out of life. Think about what will make you feel most fulfilled, what will bring you joy, and what will make you the most proud of yourself. I want to help make that vision of yourself into a reality and help provide you the roadmap to get there.

    Hi, I am Claire, a licensed social worker and when you are with me, there is no judgment, just pure understanding and compassion. I specialize in treating co-occurring disorders, addiction, body dysmorphia, helping to heal your relationships, trauma, depression, and anxiety. It brings me joy to help individuals and couples find relief from their struggles and gain insight into their lives. My approach is to create a safe and supportive environment where clients can explore their feelings and learn new skills to manage their emotions. I am also a LGBTQIA+ affirming provider.

    I believe in the importance of using evidence-based practices like CBT, Motivational interviewing, and mindfulness/meditation techniques. In addition, I have a special interest in helping clients who have experienced trauma and this work is best done in-person so I am happy to hold a space for you in our Catonsville office. My ultimate goal is to help clients develop healthy coping skills and a better understanding of themselves and their relationships. I am very dedicated to helping my clients find peace and satisfaction in their lives. My hope is that we come into sessions with an open mind and engage in transparent communication. As the therapist, I hope to make this process as comfortable as I can for my clients!


    • License: Maryland / 26042