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  • 4 Common Types of Depression

    Many people are familiar with depression, but only some are aware that there are actually numerous different forms of it. Below, we explore four of the most common types of depression.

    1. Major Depressive Disorder

    For someone to be diagnosed with major depressive disorder, they must have experienced at least five symptoms of depression for at least two consecutive weeks, with at least one symptom being depressed mood or loss of interest or pleasure (this is referred to as a “major depressive episode”). Many people with this disorder experience major depressive episodes on a recurring basis.

    2. Persistent Depressive Disorder

    Also referred to as “dysthymia,” persistent depressive disorder occurs when someone experiences a low-level depressed mood for an extended period of time. When compared to the symptoms of major depressive disorder, the symptoms of persistent depressive disorder typically aren’t as severe.

    3. Seasonal Affective Disorder

    As its name suggests, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is associated with a change in the seasons. Although it can occur during spring and summer, it most commonly affects people during fall and winter.

    4. Postpartum Depression

    Postpartum depression can cause a woman who recently gave birth to feel sad, indifferent, anxious, and exhausted. This is different from “baby blues,” which usually last for only a couple weeks after childbirth—postpartum depression can persist for months or even years.

    Get Help With Your Depression

    If you think you might have depression—one of the types described above or a different form—our therapists can help. We have extensive experience treating depression, and we can provide you with customized recommendations for how to move forward and start feeling happier. Contact us today to schedule a therapy session.